Top 101 Songs of 2017

So, putting this list together wound up being much tougher than I anticipated, primarily because I'm such an indecisive son of a bitch. I found myself rearranging this list, adding and subtracting songs, and struggling to decide if I was content with my final version-I totally rearranged it right as I was drafting this post, as I recently listened to Midwife and have been jamming her album since. Needless to say, this Google doc was constantly in flux. With that said, the songs at the top of my list have been cemented there since I added them. You'll notice there is a lot of Planning for Burial up in this piece. Dude put out so many amazing songs this year. I've lumped together Dull Knife Pt.1 and 2 as my number one, even though they're two separate songs. However, for me, listening to those two songs back to back is a must. Feel free to give a listen to the Spotify playlist I made with all of these songs-link is at the bottom. Enjoy and happy New Year!

  1. Dull Knife Pt. 1 and Dull Knife Pt. 2-Planning for Burial

  2. Please Help Me-Funeral Advantage

  3. Whiskey and Wine-Planning for Burial

  4. C.E.O.T.7.K-Funeral Advantage

  5. Dreaming in Letters-Pallow

  6. Holding-Pallow

  7. My Best Friend (Is a Nihilist)-Iron Chic

  8. Somewhere in the Evening-Planning for Burial

  9. Shining-Funeral Advantage

  10. Days-Death Bells

  11. Cruelty Incarnate-All Pigs Must Die

  12. Friendship-Planning for Burial

  13. Only You-Death Bells

  14. The Hanging Cage-Funeral Advantage

  15. Roman Candles-Death Bells

  16. I Hope You’ll Pick Me Out-Planning for Burial

  17. I Put Red House Painters on a Mixtape for You-Planning for Burial

  18. Hierophant-King Woman

  19. Idle Minds-Pallow

  20. Let’s. Get. Dangerous-Iron Chic

  21. 16 Psyche-Chelsea Wolfe

  22. Indigo Illusion-Sannhet

  23. Warmth of You-Planning for Burial

  24. Sleep Well-Sannhet

  25. Threadbare--Planning for Burial

  26. Leaves Will Bloom Long After We’re Gone-Planning for Burial

  27. A Caustic Vision-All Pigs Must Die

  28. Comfort-Planning for Burial

  29. Fernbeds-Sannhet

  30. Last Kiss-Minus the Bear

  31. At the Cauldron’s Bottom-Full of Hell

  32. Fog-Wear Your Wounds

  33. Anthem for No State Pt. III-Godspeed You! Black Emperor

  34. The Culling-Chelsea Wolfe

  35. Invisible Ink-Iron Chic

  36. Mischief Night-Planning for Burial

  37. Golgotha-Iron Chic

  38. Sapphire-Sannhet

  39. Iron Rose-Wear Your Wounds

  40. Twin Fawn-Chelsea Wolfe

  41. 4 BC-The American Dollar

  42. Coolverine-Mogwai

  43. Slave Morality-All Pigs Must Die

  44. Wear Your Wounds-Wear Your Wounds

  45. Tame Beasts-Minus the Bear

  46. Thousands of Miles Between Us-Converge

  47. Burn These Enemies-All Out War

  48. We Lost Our Home-Funeral Advantage

  49. Bosses Hang Pt. III-Godspeed You! Black Emperor

  50. Sound-Big Brave

  51. From a Silver Tongue-Low Estate

  52. After the Party-The Menzingers

  53. Lull-Big Brave

  54. Isky-Glaare

  55. Still Burning-Incendiary

  56. Sugar for the Pill-Slowdive

  57. Undertow-Death Bells

  58. In Praise of Leeches-All Out War

  59. Lookers-The Menzingers

  60. Ordinary-Day Wave

  61. Perfect History-Death of Lovers

  62. Borer-Big Brave

  63. Lakewood Mausoleum-Funeral Advantage

  64. Choking on Indifference-All Out War

  65. Orphans of the Smog-Death of Lovers

  66. Earth is a Cage-The Body, Full of Hell

  67. The Rope-Low Estate

  68. Deluminate-Full of Hell

  69. Ruins-Glaare

  70. RTD Pt. 1-Midwife

  71. RTD Pt. 2-Midwife

  72. DNA-Kendrick Lamar

  73. Ursula in B Major-Death of Lovers

  74. Trumpeting Ecstasy-Full of Hell

  75. Tellin’ Lies-The Menzingers

  76. Fact or Fiction-Incendiary

  77. Love- Kendrick Lamar feat. Zacari

  78. Deny-King Woman

  79. Lemonade Beauty-Deafcult

  80. My Love Grows in Darkness-Glaare

  81. Stars Collide-Deafcult

  82. Super Natural-Turnover

  83. Rubix-Deafcult

  84. Livin’ Ain't Easy-The Menzingers

  85. The Dusk in Us-Converge

  86. Song for an Unborn Sun-Midwife

  87. I Did Not Want to Love You So-The Body, Full of Hell

  88. Humble-Kendrick Lamar

  89. Front Toward Enemy-Incendiary

  90. Sell Your Cause-Incendiary

  91. Time-The American Dollar

  92. The Idyllic Ream-Set and Setting

  93. Anything You Synthesize-The American Dollar

  94. Inference (1)-Fog Lake

  95. Behind the Mask-Fearing

  96. Butterfly Dream-Turnover

  97. Novocaine-Fog Lake

  98. Reason-Midwife

  99. Breeze-Turnover

  100. Farewell, Man-The Body, Full of Hell

  101. Bedchambers-Succumb