Top 50 Releases of the Year Pt. 1

Last year, for the first time, I put together my top 20 albums of the year. I sort of just did it on a whim, at the end of the year, and I really enjoyed it. This year, I decided I'd start keeping track of the new music I listened to right from the beginning of January. I created two docs-one for my favorite releases of the year, and one for my favorite songs of the year. 

As we delved further and further into 2017, I realized that this was, without a question, one of my favorite years for music in quite some time. Not only was there a high quantity of great releases this year, but the quality was outstanding. As we end 2017, this year brought me some of my absolute favorite LPs, EPs, and releases of collected works to date. Additionally, I got to see one of the most amazing shows this summer-Elizabeth Colour Wheel, Planning for Burial and Have a Nice Life in Boston. I initially wanted to just do a top 20 list, but there were way too many incredible releases this year, so I went with my top 50.

Moving forward, I want this blog to be about my photography and traveling. However, music plays an integral part in both, especially when it comes to editing, processing, developing, and printing my photos, so I thought it only appropriate to share with you all some of the music I've jocked over the course of 2017. For me, the biggest surprise this year was Turnover's Good Nature. I didn't think I'd like that album at all, but I gave it a listen, and I dug it. There's multiple songs on the album where I want to sing and dance with my wife, so hats off to them, since that's not something I'd expect to be into.  Glaare's To Deaf and Day would probably crack the top 20 for me, but I only recently started jamming it; it is really a solid album with some amazing songs, but I need a little more time to digest it. Anyway, jabroni's, let's do this. Here's Pt. 1 of my favorite releases this year:

50.   Lost-The Stargazer Lilies

49.  Melancholia-Save Us From The Archon

48.  Morningside-Fazerdaze

47.   Succumb-Succumb

46.  Iteration-Com Truise

45.  What Now-Sylvan Esso

44.  Mysterium-Hammock

43.  Time Well-Cloakroom

42.  Cultivations-Au.Ra

41.  It'll Get Worse If You Let It-Bleach Bath

40.  Portrayal of Guilt-Portrayal of Guilt

39.  A Crow Looked at Me-Mount Eerie

38.  Open City-Open City

37.  Rainbow Mirror-Prurient

36.  A Life of None-Fearing

35.  Dragonchaser-Fog Lake

34.  Interference 3-Fog Lake 

33.  Broken Spectre-Lost Film

32.  The Days We Had-Day Wave

31.  Good Nature-Turnover

30.  Ascending a Mountain of Light-Full of Hell/The Body

29. Dancing Chrome-Night Sins

28. To Deaf and Day-Glaare

27.  Slowdive-Slowdive

26.  Reflections-Set and Setting


I'll be posting Pt.2 tomorrow or Friday, so stay tuned for that, my friends.